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Employer Benefits

  • Having full-time employees is very expensive, but to bring in Cooperative Education students that work at increasing levels of responsibility makes more sense now than ever before.
  • Before you hire a full-time employee, watch and evaluate their work for up to a year before you make the offer.
  • Build relationships with specific colleges and universities to eliminate wasted time and wrong types of interviewees, eliminating redundancies and shortening cycle time.
  • The good news is that NCCEA is an organization that can enable employers to build relationships. Find needed information on the NCCEA website, attend the annual conference, network with others for best practices and ultimately build your workforce.
  • NCCEA membership guarantees you connections to the college and university representatives who can link you to intern and Co-op candidates, faculty contacts and student organizations.
  • Network with members through our communication services (ListServ, LinkedIn, and Facebook)
  • Access expertise for research in Cooperative Education.
  • Benchmark best practices by attending annual conferences.
  • Access Member’s Only resources available for download from our website.
  • Have access to and be part of the directory of North Carolina Cooperative Education.

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